About Us

Fleetwood Jamaica Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company on November 11th, 1971. Initially the company was owned and controlled by it’s Irish parent company, however in the early 1990’s a transition was made to local ownership.

In the late 1980’s the company expanded exponentially with the assistance of a Canadian based distributor and started to export paint brushes to the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. Most of these exports were for the American market so they started shipping paintbrushes to conglomerates like Walmart and Home Depot in the USA.

In 2001, the company started to manufacture it’s own wall filler, and this product is made up of 95% local raw materials as well as 100% locally produced packaging.

Orion Sales Limited , was incorporated as a limited liability company on February 18th, 1981. Prior to this, similar operations were carried out under Quality Sales Limited, and before that Legin Productions. In 2018, Orion Sales Limited merged with Fleetwood Jamaica Limited and was renamed Orion Manufacturing Services (OMS). Orion manufactures hair and skin care products under a licence agreement with Revlon International, imports and distributes other finished Revlon products and carries out third-party manufacturing services for well known and newly formed local manufacturers.

In addition, the company manufactures its own line of products under the Zimii brand and is constantly growing its exports across the Eastern Caribbean.

Over the years, Orion has partnered with several International and local companies such as Old Spice, Hawaiian Tropic, Pine-Sol and T. Geddies Grant and made several well known, high quality products at international standards.


Timeline of Historic Events


  • Official opening of Fleetwood Jamaica Ltd. by the Doyle Brothers from Ireland


  • Commence Export to Caricom



  • Orion Sales Ltd was Incorporated



  • Mr Peter Cleare acquires Fleetwood from the Doyle Bros.


  • Commence Export to USA & Canada



  • Mr Richard Coe joins Fleetwood.
  • Orion Manufactuing launches the Zimii Haircare line.


  • Orion Manufacturing introduces Zimii Shampoo, Conditioner and Concentrated Serting Lotion to it's line.



  • Orion Sales Ltd became Orion Manufacturing Services and was later merged with Fleetwood Jamaica Ltd. Mr Richard Coe also becomes the Managing Director



  • Mr Richard Coe acquires Fleetwood from Peter Cleare and appoints a Board of Directors.
  • Fleetwood commissions an automated paint roller cover and flirting machine.
  • Fleetwood acquires the trademark for Glory laundry detergent. Orion launches the Smart brand of sanitization and cleaning products.



  • Orion Manufacturing commissions an automated bottle filling machine.


  • Fleetwood commissions a semi-automated mop head making machine.
  • Orion Manufacturing rebrands and expands it's Zimii Haircare line to fourteen products
  • Fleetwood partners with Food for the Poor Jamaica to build a new house for St Thomas resident Shernet Blake a mother of five.



  • Fleetwood acquires the international trademark for the former Revlon brand Top Brass
  • Fleetwood staged its first sports day. Three houses were formed after past stalwarts Deron Braham, Gordon Lawrence and Peter Cleare. Braham house were 2022 champions.